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The basic raw material used in the wedding ring's production is gold. Pure gold is a very soft metal, therefore in our wedding rings production we use different alloys of gold with other metal elements. Gold content in every alloy has been established on the basis of the Assay Law of April 3, 1993. The document permits the sale of the particular metal alloys.

In PZ Stelmach, we use four main gold alloys: 0.333, 0.375, 0.585 and 0.750. For example,

10 grams of 0.333 gold contains 3.33 grams of pure gold and 6.67 grams of other alloy elements.

10 grams of 0.585 gold contains 5.85 grams of pure gold and 4.15 grams of other alloy elements.

Each of the alloys mentioned above may be produced in different colours. The most popular colours are yellow, white, red and rose.

In our wedding rings' production we also use platinum 0.950 and palladium 0.500.


In PZ Stelmach production we offer the particular gold colours: